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Most substantiated cases are for neglect, and most are in families experiencing poverty and the frustrations arising from needs versus resources.The emotional and physical scars experienced by kids who are beaten, yelled at, discouraged, injured are carried long into adulthood and diminishes their future and that of countless others as they eventually raise children of their own. There is a cost to the individual and to society as we grapple with the long-term effects of abuse. Rick Scott signed a law discarding a decade-long policy that gave priority to the rights of parents after hundreds of children involved with the Department of Children and Families died preventable deaths.Lake Ridge schools Superintendent Sharon Johnson-Shirley said it can be tough to identify whether a student is homeless.The district's homeless program coordinator Sandi Sweeney said the data is difficult to collect, because many families do not report homelessness to the schools.In addition, domestic violence touches as many as 63 percent of homeless parents.

People who do not own their own home are highly mobile, moving as many as 12 times as often as homeowners.

It provides states with funding, distributed to eligible school districts, to ensure the enrollment, attendance and success of homeless children and youths in school.

Students who are eligible for Mc Kinney-Vento assistance also are immediately eligible to participate in Title I programs and services.

The strongest risk factor for suicide is depression. The Crisis Contact listening telephone lines have operated since January, 1971.

are depressed and most don’t get the care they need, according to Crisis Center officials.

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